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The American Association of Orthodontics recommends an initial Orthodontic evaluation at seven years of age. Occasionally this visit or subsequent follow up visits will indicate the need for placement of a functional appliance or space maintaining appliance as a first phase interceptive treatment.  This early intervention can be timed to take advantage of your child’s growth patterns or is used to correct conditions that may cause damage to tissue, teeth, bones or joints.


Our ability to get a 3D picture of the teeth and to print 3D models reduces or eliminates the need for those "gooey" impressions that so many patients dislike. It also optimizes our clear aligner orthodontic options to offer the most esthetic orthodontic treatment options possible. 


Digital imaging is prt of the new technology available in our office to develop your customized treatment plan. It makes it easier to share your options with you before treatment begins, and keeps you and the doctor up to date with your progress throughout your treatment.


We use the latest technological advances in orthodontic appliances.  In addition to the traditional stainless steel wires used in braces, we incorporate nickel, titanium, and sentalloy arch wires.  These arch wires are gentler, and some provide temperature-sensitive options. The innovative wires we use allow for continuous movement of the teeth over longer periods of time, providing our patients with enhanced comfort and decreased treatment time.  We also offer clear braces at no additional charge, which allow our patients a more aesthetic solution while still providing efficient, effective treatment. Additional treatment modalities we offer include, but are not limited to, removable appliances commonly referred to as "clear aligners" which are almost undetectable. Dr. Willham and Dr. Foster are happy to go over any and all options with you to ensure you get just the right treatment plan for your wants, needs, and lifestyle. 


Retention is as important as the active phase of your treatment.  In order to ensure that your new smile lasts a lifetime, you need to make the commitment to follow through with the retention phase of your orthodontic treatment.  We understand that retainer wear can be a nuisance.  For this reason we offer many types of retainers. Dr. Willham evaluates each patients needs on a case-by-case basis to ensure that you are getting the type of retainer you are most comfortable with, and the one that will serve you best for long-term retention.  The state of the art lab we use fabricates:

Bonded lingual retainers, which are permanently cemented directly to the inside surface of your lower anterior teeth.  This is one of the best ways to prevent your lower teeth from shifting. 

Essix and Zendura retainers, which are composed of a clear plastic material that fits snugly over all of your teeth.  Many patients prefer the clear retainer for aesthetic reasons.

Removable Hawley retainers, which are made of a harder plastic and come in an endless array of colors and designs.  These retainers are sturdier than the Essix retainers and are often the best option when considering a patient’s bite.

Our philosophy is simple… to provide the most up-to-date orthodontic care possible in an atmosphere of respect for our patients.  We maintain our level of care with continuing education and an involvement in orthodontic research and study.  We are always looking for and implementing better ways to treat our patients.  We want you to be happy with your new smile and enthusiastic about the care you received while obtaining it.