What To Expect

Information for New Patients

Our goal is to provide our patients with quality service in a friendly and professional environment.  We believe that once you have visited our office you will feel not only confident about your orthodontic experience, but also that you will come to appreciate the difference our practice offers with regard to your comfort and enjoyment throughout your treatment.  We have a beautiful facility, designed with you in mind.  One visit and we think you’ll be hooked!

Because effective communication between our staff and you and your family will make your experience with us more enjoyable, we have listed what you can expect in the way of appointment types, as well as the length of those appointments.

  • Initial Exam Appointments (30 minutes) are the first chance the doctor has to meet with you. This appointment is designed to give you the time and consideration necessary to ensure that you have a clear picture of your personal orthodontic situation, and the treatment options available to you. (Please download and complete the Patient QuestionnaireInsurance form, and the Privacy Policy Notice, and bring the completed forms to your first appointment.)
  • Record Appointments (30-45 minutes) are used to make beginning records including photographs, X-rays, and impressions (models of the mouth).  After this information is gathered, it is used by Dr. Willham to complete a specific treatment plan for each patient.
  • Consultation Appointments (15-30 minutes) are are used to discuss your personal treatment options and make sure you have a clear understanding of how we intend to proceed with your treatment and what that entails.  Often more than one option is available, and this time is set aside for you to ask questions and make informed decisions together with the doctor.
  • Banding Appointments (90-120 minutes or more) are used to place the brackets, bands and/or appliances. These appointments are sometimes scheduled directly following your consultation, and sometimes scheduled at a separate appointment.
  • Progress Appointments (15 to 20 minutes) are scheduled every 4 to 7 weeks during the active phase of your treatment.  These appointments allow Dr. Willham to monitor your progress and make the necessary changes to your arch wires and fixed appliances that keep you moving along the road to a healthy beautiful smile.
  • Retention Appointments (15 to 20 minutes) are scheduled 10 to 18 weeks apart or longer, depending on your specific situation. It is important that you bring your retainer to these appointments so that Dr. Willham can check the fit of your appliance as well as its condition.
  • Emergency Appointments (15 to 30 minutes) are rare and are treated as soon as possible.  Please call the office so that we can prepare for your arrival and provide you with the quickest possible service.  Examples of an emergency include situations in which a wire is sharp or causing tissue discomfort or bleeding, any loose band, bracket, or wire and any lost or broken appliance.  Any traumatic accident involving an injury to the mouth will receive immediate attention.
  • Cancellations. Please call 24 hours in advance whenever possible to cancel an appointment.  It is important to keep all scheduled appointments so your treatment remains on course.  Too many missed appointments will extend your treatment time. 

We look forward to making this a positive experience for you. If you ever have any questions or concerns we encourage you to speak with one of our qualified staff for assistance.


What To Expect

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