Our salt water fish tank


     One of the focal points of our office is the saltwater fish tank, located in the wall between the reception area and the operatory.  It is viewable from both sides and holds 180 gallons of saltwater, fish, coral and live rock.  We have a wide variety of fish including clown fish, tangs, wrasses, a bicolor dotty back, anthias, green chromis, candy hogfish and flame angel.  There are also reef crabs, snails, shrimp, and starfish.  Our tank is known as a reef tank, which means that all of the corals in it are alive.  We have a huge variety of coral such as leathers, mushrooms, daisy polyps, anthelia, tongue coral, clove polyps, candy cane, hammer, frogspawn, acroporas, pagoda cups, montiporas, and galaxea.  We even have an 8-inch clam. Many of our corals have been attained by trading with other saltwater aquarists, so we’re not depleting our ocean’s natural reefs.  We have done our best to create a balanced ecosystem that almost takes care of itself.

     No matter what type of fish tank the enthusiast keeps, none of them are totally maintenance free.  Ours is no exception.  We clean the algae off the acrylic sides once a week with special scrapers.  This keeps the tank sparkly clean so our patients can enjoy the calm waving corals and the fish darting in and out of them playfully.  Our aquarium also has a special room located directly below the tank in the basement.  This room is called the “fish room.”  It has a 300gallon tank in it called the sump.  The sump is plumbed straight up through the floor into the main aquarium.  There are also 2 - 100 gallon reservoirs in the fish room that hold both saltwater and fresh water.  It is easy to drain and replenish water in the aquarium and sump simply by flipping switches.  All mineral additives are added to the sump instead of the tank.  This helps the tank stay more evenly balanced.

     It is fun to watch our reef tank mature in age and coral growth.   Our fish have no predators so they live a long time.  We are proud that we use natural additives and no harsh chemicals, providing a beautiful piece of ocean right in Des Moines for all of our patients to enjoy.  It makes all of us smile and giggle when at least once a day a small child will squeal with delight, chanting, “Nemo!  Nemo!  I see Nemo!”   Both children and parents love our reef tank and so do we.


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