How our facility was conceived


In November of 2005 we broke ground on the beautiful facility you see today.  There was, of course, much preparation that went into it before that day, and that is really the story here.  Dr. Willham had a vision of an office that was both patient friendly and easy to work in. He hired Phil Parrott of Durrand enterprises as the architect for the project, and that’s when things really got fun.  For us at least it was fun.  We probably drove Phil nuts.  You see Dr. Willham wanted to be involved in the planning process a little more than is usual I think, and he wanted his staff to have input as well.  His idea was that the people who work in the office everyday have a much clearer idea of how the workspaces should flow. Based on Dr. Willham’s basic idea, Phil and his associates brought in some preliminary drawings, presented them to us, and armed us with magic markers.  Dr. Willham and the rest of the staff then crossed out, drew arrows, added sinks, subtracted doors, widened halls, you name it we messed with it.  Then it was back to the drawing board for Phil.  This process repeated itself several times until Mr. Parrott probably wondered what he had gotten himself into.  He was a good sport though, and did amazing things with all of our scribbles.

The result is a unique facility that is welcoming from the moment you enter the door.  From our private consult rooms, to the fun open space of our main operatory, (which has a beautiful view, and overlooks five of our very own life-like palm trees)

the building is filled with light and warmth, and invokes a feeling of fun.  Dr. Willham’s goal was for our patients to feel more comfortable and enjoy the time spent with us.  Of course he also incorporated the latest in imaging technology, with state of the art digital x-ray equipment, and an in house lab that is second to none.

The fact that we are able to work more efficiently then ever before feels like frosting on the cake for the staff.  We hope you enjoy the facility as much as we do.  We look forward to seeing you soon.


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