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Our family has enjoyed the visits to Dr. Willham's office! It is a pleasant experience because Dr. Willham is RELENTLESSLY :) positive and upbeat. His staff members are also so nice to be around. As a benefit all 3 of my children have/are achieved/ing good results with their braces. Professionalism with a smile-what more could we ask for!

Carla H. Leafsted
Clive, Iowa

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The staff is always very professional and friendly. I appreciate the fact they are prompt and the office visit is on time. My children enjoy and like Dr. Willham.

Angela Schulte
West Des Moines, Iowa

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The Mc Laughlins
Norwalk, Iowa

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My daughter, Emma, had a very unsightly tooth growing out of her top gum where it was not suppose to be.  She also had an overbite.  Dr. Willham took X-rays of her mouth and told us he thought he could move the tooth into place and save it.  I didn't believe it could be done because of its placement and thought it would eventually need to be pulled.  He proved me wrong!  Her braces were recently removed and she has a beautiful, perfectly aligned smile!  The best part is that Emma never objected to going to the orthodontist because Dr. Willham and his staff go out of their way to be helpful and caring.  I would highly recommend Willham Orthodontics to anyone!

Deb Lind

West Des Moines, Iowa

Photo of Emma Lind


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